10-10 Summer QSO Party Results

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The 10-10 Summer QSO party results were posted on the 10-10 web page today.  I know that there were a couple that missed the cutoff date for logs and I guess that I am going to have to post reminders on when logs are dues so perhaps we can get a few more log in.

Here are the results for the first call area, clubs and chapters.




Thanks to those who submitted logs for the chapter.  I think that this is probably our best showing in the standings.  If we get a good band for the Winter QSO party, (which should be close to the top of the cycle), and a few more stations we might go second or third.  (Am I reaching if I say first)... That's a tough one because of the large chapters with 10 or more entries.

-73-  Al N1API
CH /CM Castle Craig Chapter of 10-10