2013 Ten-Ten International Convention
Windsor Locks Connecticut
July 11-13, 2013
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Photo Galleries of the Convention by K1PU
Photo Gallery 1
  • Rich WA1TRY (left) and Al N1API raise the antenna outside the meeting room
  • Battle Road CH Ken K1IEQ (seated) with Castle Craig CH Al N1API
  • Cindy N3TF, Cliff K5FBS (left) and Daryl N5SCA
  • Ten-Ten President Mel KD5DE making points with Kim, the Hotel Event manager
  • MLB Chapter CM Bob N6OPR waiting to give you your upgrades
  • This truly an international event - Neanderthal Chapter from Germany, Elfi DF3TE and Werner DH1PAL
  • Neanderthal Mascot waiting to pose with you for the Chapter Who's Who
  • Bay Area CH and Ten-Ten Data Manager Dave K6RDK
  • From the Mud Ducks chapter, Marcus KM5EH
  • OK, we are Ham's, let's figure out how this radio thing works.
Photo Gallery 2
  • Ten-Ten YL's
  • Cindy N3TF
  • Castle Craig CH, Al N1API
  • Jeff N7YG waiting for the crowd to assemble, forum on Digital Modes to begin shortly
  • A large crowed gathered to hear about the latest in Digital communications for the Ham
  • Jeff taking questions at a forum Q&A
  • Time to start the 'Parking Lot" net
Photo Gallery 3
  • Net operating position from the New Waterkant (DL) Chapter table
  • Second operating position for the Parking Lot Net
  • Dave and Jeff going over the operators list for the net, Ken and Daryl in the background
  • Sandy KA1TLP and Ray AA1NC wait there turn to check into the net
  • Dan W1DMM
  • FT-817 QRP station at the New Waterkant chapter table
  • Banquet crowd, we clean up surprisingly well!
  • Banquet
  • Banquet
  • Norm W3IZ from the ARRL, the featured speaker for the evening