Castle Craig Plus Award

Purpose: To provide a way for Castle Craig Certificate
Holders to participate in program which allows
them to exchange points on the air to upgrade.

When: This program started January 1, 1999.

Qualifications: Hold the basic and the first two seals.

Once you acquire the basic Castle Craig Certificate plus the Seal Of Meriden and The Flag of Connecticut upgrades, you are eligible for the Castle Craig Plus Program.
It is not necessary to hold the Constitution State Award but we still encourage everyone to work toward this upgrade.

Here is how the program works.
When you have the Seal and Flag, you may start collecting points for the Castle Craig Plus Program.
Your initial value, (and everyone's who have the seal and flag), at the start of the program is 10 Points and that is what you exchange on the air until your first upgrade.
If you DO NOT have the seal and flag you can not work Castle Craig Plus, and are not worth any points to any station collecting points for Castle Craig Plus.

All stations MUST keep track of their total points collected and this
information must be submitted to the
Certificate Manager, (N1API), along
with your new claimed points at EACH upgrade.
Points are exchanged at 200 for 1.
You only need to record the basic Castle Craig Number, the letters after the basic number are not needed for this program.
A suggested form follows:

Plus_Points <-- Your score is based on this total

Upgrade Bonus Levels:

When your Castle Craig Plus value reaches the following levels you will
automatically receive the following bonus points;

Level 1 100 Pts. +25 Pts.
Level 2 200 Pts. +25 Pts.
Level 3 300 Pts. +25 Pts.
Level 4 400 Pts. +25 Pts.
Level 5 500 Pts. +25 Pts.
Level 6 750 Pts. +25 Pts.
Level 7 1000 Pts. +25 Pts.

When your "on the air" point value reaches 1000 points you will be an IQ for
the Castle Craig Basic and first two seals.

Upgrades for this program, will be accepted by ether regular mail or by mail to the Certificate Manager, as long as the above suggested format, (or a similar one), that tracks total points is used.
Email your upgrade information to the
Certificate Manager or by USPS.
For US Stations an SASE
The DX cost for this upgrade is SAE and $2.00 USD, (for postage).
The current information and a sample Castle Craig Plus worksheet is always available on the
Downloads Page.